Factors to consider when purchasing a high tech camera

● Resolution (MP) – before buying any camera, it is important to first take a step back, and check out its resolution. Do not rush into any making a quick purchase, without putting deep thought into your actions. When it comes to the resolution, the higher you go, the better the quality of the pictures and the videos. Clarity is also better with a high resolution camera. A good camera will have a resolution of up to 10mp.

● Flash – When considering the flash, it is important to think first about the use that the camera will be put into, and also the working hours. When recording night pictures, a camera with an infrared flash is the best choice, because it does not produce a bright light when capturing an image. This therefore means that it will not scare away the target, and it does not also attract curious onlookers with malicious intentions, such as stealing the camera. The demerit of this type of flash is that it produces pictures in black and white, though they are still clearly visible.

The other type of flash is known as an incandescent flash, and it has a bright flash. Due to the bright flash, it produces cool colour pictures, whether day or night. The major demerit of this type of flash is the fact that the bright flash normally scares off the game, and is therefore not good for night recording. It is also more prone to theft.

●Trigger Time – This refers to how fast a camera reacts when the motion detectors record some sort of movement, and actually captures the image. Faster trigger speed is required in order to take the best shots, especially when capturing game, which is most often in motion. The trigger time also determines the quality of the photo, to a certain extent.

The best cameras usually have a trigger time of less than 0.5 seconds.

● Detection Zone – This refers to the length or width that a camera is capable of stretching, so as to capture the detected target. It can be very frustrating if a camera detects movements, but once it stretches to capture it, it comes back with no results. This actually shows the importance of investing on a camera which has a good detection zone.

Good cameras have a detection zone of up to 100 ft.

●Recovery Time – It is always important to consider the recovery time, before purchasing any camera. This refers to the time it takes for the camera to take a certain image, and then proceed to take the next. This feature is essential when taking multiple game pictures, especially if the targets are constantly moving which is a common thing with most animals.

If you do not want to miss any movements, you need a camera with a quick recovery time and this ensures that you do not miss anything important at the scene. The best recovery time should be less than 10 seconds, or even lower. If it is higher than this, lots of important details will not be captured.

●Battery Life – A camera with a long battery life will save you from constant replacement and checking time. A longer battery life means that you can leave the camera for weeks at the scene, recording what you want, all this while leaving it unattended. Having a camera with a long battery life is very beneficial.

Infrared cams usually have a longer battery life, as opposed to incandescent cameras which have a lower battery life because of the power consumed by the flash.

Battery life also depends on other factors, such as temperature. A camera operating under extreme temperatures will have a lower battery life.

How to Select a Camera That suits Your Needs

There are many factors that one has to choose when selecting a camera that suits their specific needs, namely:

●Memory – if you are taking photos and videos for a long duration of time, it is important to have a camera which is fitted with enough internal memory. The camera may also need an external SD card slot, which allows the user to add extra external memory which can accommodate more files. Latest trail cameras have SD card slots which can support up to 32GB of external memory.

●Durability- If the camera is to be used on an outdoor scenery such a game park or in the woods, it is important that the camera`s external build is compact. This is because the camera will be working under harsh conditions, and risks being toppled over or stepped on by moving game. A good camera will be able to overcome such conditions, and still continue to work efficiently. Latest tech camera models have steel holders which act as some sort of protective cover.

●Weather – it is always important to select a camera, with the weather conditions under which you work in mind. Good cameras are normally weather proof, meaning they can be left unattended for hours. This feature is especially essential for an outdoor camera.

●Ability to rotate- If the scenery under which work involves constant motion, it is important to select a camera that allows taking of pictures from multiple angles. Good cameras can rotate up to 150 degrees.

●Sensors – If you are spotting game from a long distance, you need a camera which is able to capture pictures automatically, the moment it detects any movement. This requires very strong sensors.

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