How to Recycle Cameras & Lenses

Are you puzzled by how you can get rid of that old camera and lenses that are no longer useful.? Do you save them for historical purposes? Do you donate them? Do you resell them? Do you throw them away in the landfills? As people become more knowledgeable about recycling ordinary garbage, there is still a lot that needs to be done about recycling electric waste. That’s why the importance of e-cycling is being addressed by leaders in the consumer electronics sector to deal with electronic waste.

Importance of Recycling Cameras and Lenses

Recycling cameras helps reduce the level of toxic materials in the soil. Old cameras have toxic substances like chromium, cadmium, mercury, or lead. Proper recycling ensures that these toxic materials aren’t released into the environment. Moreover, by recycling electronics, manufactures don’t have to purchase as many raw materials because they can reuse the recycled ones. When you think about disposing of your digital camera, ensure it is recycled.

How to Recycle Camera and lenses

There are several ways that you can recycle your old camera and lenses that you want to get rid of. Moreover, you can recycle the camera and support a cause by donating it to a charitable organization. These organizations sell MP3 players, cell phones, old cameras and lenses, and other electronics to raise funds for their cause.

Furthermore, several camera manufacturers such as Samsung and Canon provide take-back programs for their products. Sony takes back cameras at no charge. Also, confirm with your local waste management district to check whether they have an e-waste collection program. When recycling old cameras and lenses, ensure you include things like cords, chargers, and batteries as they contain plastics and metals that can be recycled.

There are other ways to recycle an old camera, which include:

  • Asking art and graphic departments at universities, colleges, or high schools if they are interested in your old camera for their projects.
  • Inquire with the local camera clubs
  • Find out if your local camera stores need old photo paraphernalia for use as replacement parts

How to recycle SD cards

SD cards from your cameras are challenging to recycle. They aren’t in most take-back programs and no companies take them in the stores or by mail. The best option you have when it comes to recycling SD cards is contacting a solid waste management district near you to find out if they have a recycling initiative that can take SD cards. Another way is by using your SD card with another device like your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, if you have four SD cards you transform them into an SSD.

You don’t have to throw away your old Lenses

If you are disposing of your old DSLR or SLR camera, you might consider keeping the lenses if you do not want the body anymore. If the lenses are in great condition, you can use them in another camera. You only need to purchase camera lens adaptor rings which will enable you to use the lenses on many different cameras.

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