What Can You Do with Your Old Camera?

These days nearly every mobile device comes with a camera built-in. In fact, with most of the top of the range devices, the camera is the major selling point of the device. It has changed the way that we experience photography forever and everyone is taking photos of everything. However, you might still have an old film camera knocking around that you are not sure what to do with. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of the old camera.


Some people may be thinking that because digital cameras have been around for quite a while then their old film camera might be worth a pretty penny and they can sell it for profit. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case. The switch to digital produced a glut of old film cameras on the market and it is still flooded with them. This means that unless you have something particularly special or expensive then you are not going to get much for it.  The best bet for selling an old camera is the classic 1960s polaroid cameras. These tend to be sought after in today’s instant gratification market.


There are a few charities and/or schools that are always on the lookout for older film cameras. This is so that they can either be used as part of a photography class or to train people in the art of photography. The Shutterhub Camera Amnesty is a charity that collects old film cameras and donates them to homeless people all over the world so that they can capture images of life as it happens. They are always happy to accept any donations of cameras or equipment.


If you have an old DLR or SLR camera with detachable lens, then you shouldn’t get rid of the lens. Even though they were designed for an older camera there are several different adapter rings and other converters that will allow you to use the older lens with newer cameras. So if you have a lens that you particularly like or gives you great effects then you will be able to keep on using it in the future even if you switch to digital.


One of the other great things you can do with an old camera is experiment with it and try out new techniques without fear of breaking an expensive camera that you are going to want to keep using. Whether this is by changing or adapting the camera, adding a lens, or trying different filters etc. Then an old camera is a great tool for trying new things.


This is a new trend that is emerging that has parallels to the resurgence of Vinyl records. Many people are going back to the old-style film photography as a method of taking ‘purer’ photos. They are also then able to create an old-school photo album with the results which make great presents or gifts for members of the family and friends. This is a growing trend amongst youngsters who have never experienced film photography before.

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