3 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography

Travel photography is all about telling a story of a place. Document your travels by capturing the moments you love about the place you are visiting. Here are 3 tips you need to know for successful travel photography.

Avoid the Postcard Shot

Try not to fall into the cliche pit of postcard photography. If you are new to travel photography take some time to people watch. Try out new techniques you have seen to capture your travels in a new light.

Take a lightweight tripod with you to help. A tripod is a travel essential for all photographers. It can allow you to get some incredible shots no matter what the subject. Set up your camera and tripod to capture a sunset at different points during the evening. The change in light will dramatically change each photo you take.

Remember to Have Fun

Photography should be fun. Don’t stress over getting the perfect shot, just enjoy it.

As photographers, travelling can fill us with inspiration and little time to do anything but capture every second of it from behind the lens. Don’t forget to move away from the lens once in a while and enjoy yourself. Take photos that will document your experience and help your memories last longer. Make sure you are also in some of the shots! You will regret forgetting to take any photos of you with your family or friends on your travels.

Pack Light

Whilst you might prefer to take that extra lens over another holiday outfit, just in case you need it, try to pack light. Plan ahead of your travels and consider what subjects may be available to you and what sort of photos you would like to create.

If you are travelling to somewhere where you will be in the water a lot, snorkelling or splashing around in the waves, take a waterproof camera with you. Click here for some of our tips for underwater photography.

If you are heading on a safari tour you will want to pack a camera with a good zoom, or a suitable lens to make sure you get those all important shots from a distance. If you concerned about the safety of your camera on the safari, take a second hand camera with you instead.

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