How To Sell Your Used Camera

Photography is something that entices a lot of people some people want to pursue it as a career, some simply want to study it and some enjoy it as a hobby. It doesn’t really matter which category a person falls into they will always need a camera. Which is why the used camera market is always thriving.
But if you have an old camera you want to sell on where should you go to do it? You aren’t exactly short of options but knowing which to use isn’t always easy. Let’s look at your main options when it comes to selling a used camera in more detail.

eBay and Other Similar Websites
The internet has made selling things we no longer need incredibly easy and listing a camera on a website like eBay is sure to get you some money in return. While eBay is the most popular online second-hand marketplace there are plenty of others to choose from.
However, while you will often get some money by selling your camera on websites like these there are some potential downsides. For one, there is no real way to know how much you will get if you go for a traditional auction-style listing.
You can instead set your own price but you will still likely see people haggling on it. You will also have to deal with postage costs and sellers fees as well finally you also need to consider the risks of your parcel going missing in postage and online scammers.

Social Media
Social media websites like Facebook are becoming a commonplace to sell unwanted goods. But you can expect to encounter many of the same problems as you would with websites like eBay. Sellers will often attempt to haggle on the price and you could fall victim to scammers as well. However, if you can find someone local who wants to buy then you can avoid postage costs. Just make sure your buyer in a busy public place to ensure any transaction is safe.

Second-hand Shops/ Pawn Brokers
While you will almost certainly be able to sell a camera at a second-hand shop or pawn brokers you shouldn’t expect a great price in return. Of course, there is a lot of variation depending on the condition, model and age of your camera but you shouldn’t expect a lot of money in return even if your camera is brand new and in great condition.
If you go to a few different brokers/ shops you might find one offering a bit more money but if you want to get the best value for your camera there is a better way to sell it. Let’s look at this method in more detail below.

You Should Sell To The Camera Exchange Store
If you want to sell a used/ second-hand camera then going to the Camera Exchange Store is the best method. The process is simple and easy you simply enter the make and model of your camera and get an instant quote in return.
Once you accept the quote you will receive an order number and postage details, you will get a free postage address by email and if your camera is of a particularly high-value a collection will be arranged for you. Once the item is received and inspected the funds will then be released to you.
You can even choose from a variety of different payment methods including bank transfers or a personal cheque. All you need to do is to is ask for a certificate of postage from the post office when you sent it, these are available free of charge.
Going to the Camera Exchange Store is the best way to ensure you get a fair price for your used camera. You can also avoid the extra postage costs and scammers that you find on many other alternative websites. The process is simple, quick and the all-round best way to sell a used camera.

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