Photography Tips for Summer

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to change your photography style and try new things. Capturing great photos while exploring the outdoors will give you spontaneous moments for shots, and also stimulate your creativity if you’re struggling with ideas.


Silhouette Photography

With the abundant light summer brings, you have the perfect environment for amazing silhouette photography. The ideal time of day for this technique is either at dawn or at dusk, when the background is lighter than your subject.

The use of flash should be avoided for successful silhouette photography, so ensure that your camera isn’t in automatic mode. Your ISO should be set as low as possible to avoid noise, or grain, in them. The shutter speed should also be increased to underexpose your subject and darken the environment.

 woman jumping


Different Weather

Rain can make you feel like staying indoors and waiting for the clouds to clear and the sun to peek through. Bad weather, however, brings about a change in the world and how you see it. It provides you with the perfect chance to capture subjects in different moods or places that would normally be full, empty and ready for being photographed.

Puddles that form also provide a different perspective on the world, giving you striking shots of passersby and their reflections.


Use Colour

Colour is all around you during summer. It brings about bright and saturated colours that contrast beautifully with the blue sky. Telling a story is made easier through the use of the different colours, which help set the mood of the images.

If you want to portray heat, photographing orange, yellow, and red subjects will preserve the feeling of summer in your photos. On the other hand, blue, green, and purple does the opposite and brings a touch of coolness to your images.

blue flowers


Try a Unique Perspective

The nice weather of the warmer months allow you to explore the outdoors and go on day trips through stunning scenery. Finding unique objects or subjects can sometimes be related to being in the right place at the right time; non-obvious spots will only become apparent to you if you explore the world around you!

Tall buildings provide different viewpoints of the world.

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