Impressed by food photography? Here are some of the secrets they might not want you to know

Have you ever looked at an image of food and wondered how exactly they get it to look quite so appetising? In the most part, the food should really be able to speak for itself, however, it seems that from time to time even the most delicious of food needs a bit of a helping hand.

In the food photography industry, there are some certain techniques and tricks that are used in order to make sure that food looks the very best that it can. If you are wondering more, then here is our rundown of some of the most commonplace secrets within the industry.

Perfect stacks of pancakes

Surely pancakes are the type of food that you can just trust to look amazing on its own? Well, even the fluffiest of pancake stacks can need a little help from time to time. When it comes to height, some photographers have been known to add in slabs of cardboard to give the stack some height, if that wasn’t enough, then instead of syrup, which can soak into the pancake and seemingly disappear, motor oil is used to keep that beautifully liquid look.

Brilliant looking burgers

When it comes to look, burgers seem to be the most common one that gets a helping hand. In fact, some of us have been really surprised by how a video is shown in an advert, and how it really looks in the real world. So, how do they do it? Burger photography can often mean heating cheese with a heat gun in order to get it nice and drippy, adding vegetable oil to the burger itself to look juicy and also adding in sponges to the burger in order to give it some height. You will really be surprised by the sheer amount of things that people will do in order to have amazing looking burgers.

Unsinkable cereal

Taking a photo of a bowl of cereal is not as easy as it seems. Once the milk is added the cereal will start to go soggy and sink down in the bowl. Not exactly what you are going to want when it comes to showcasing the beauty of the cereal. In order to stop this from happening jelly is sometimes covered with glue, which looks a whole lot like milk, but that stops the cereal from disappearing.

Wonderful whipped cream

Ever seen an ice cream sundae with some beautifully whipped cream on the top? Looks too good to be true? Well, the honest answer is that it is. In fact, rather than using normal whipped cream, which will disappear over time, sometimes shaving foam is used, to give a really impressive and long-lasting look.

The first place to start when it comes to food photography is buying a camera. If you are new to photography and don’t want to spend too much money, then you could always look at ways that you can save some money, perhaps by buying second hand equipment that will still work just as well for you when it comes to food photography.

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