The Right Way to Sell Your Used Camera

Whether you’re a recreational or professional photographer, honing your art and becoming good at it is something that often requires a lifelong learning curve. And as you learn the ropes and experiment with different cameras and lenses, the need to upgrade or swap your camera for a better one is always there.

Or perhaps the new camera you got simply doesn’t live up to the hype created in all those great reviews. In any case, you’d want the best value for your money, which is why it’s probably time to sell you old camera, or better yet, swap it with a better one.

Here’s what you need to do before you sell your old camera:

Give Your Old Camera and Gear a Good Clean

Ideally, the first thing you’d want to do is give your camera and all associated equipment a thorough clean so that it’s nice and presentable for potential buyers. Believe it or not, as a buyer, one of the most annoying things to deal with is camera equipment that’s received in a dirty or otherwise unkempt condition.

Make your camera and gear look as new as possible, and you can easily fetch a great value.

Categorise for Multiple Items

You may have accessories or other camera gear that you will most likely sell with the camera. It’s always a good idea to group items under specific categories. For instance if you have a camera along with cleaning materials, a memory card and kit lens to sell, you can call it “Beginner Camera Kit” or something along those lines.

As a bonus, bundling items under an appropriate category can make your offer more attractive.

Take a Few “Beauty” Shots

Before putting up your camera for sale, take a few shots. But you’ll need to make sure that these shots are high-quality and clearly show all the essential parts of your camera and any gear you’re selling with it. Buyers need to see from a variety of angles that your camera has been kept well – always highlight ‘areas of concern’ like lens surfaces, buttons, hinges, etc.

Test Your Camera and Equipment (Again)

While parting with your beloved equipment might not be an easy experience, think about the hours and hours of creative pleasure it will provide the next owner. However, you should take this opportunity to test everything out one last time.

Take a couple of photos indoors and outdoors, make sure everything is working as expected, and if you do run into any issues whatsoever, you can certainly save yourself from the embarrassment of a negative review. It always pays to double check!

Where to Sell Your Old Camera

Places like Craigslist and eBay can prove to be quite risky at times, and there’s little guarantee that your stuff will sell even after months go by.

At the Camera Exchange Store, we take old cameras off your hands in three simple steps:

Find your current model, post us your camera in a package we’ll provide and get your payment instantly.

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