The Basics of Outdoor Photography Lighting

When it comes to outdoor photography, the right lighting can bring your images to life. While it’s difficult to predict what mother nature will do on the day of your shoot, there are eventualities you can prepare for to ensure your time is rewarded with idyllic images.

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Aiming for the Right Type of Lighting

You may be forgiven for thinking that dazzling sun produces the best images. In fact, soft non-directional light is more likely to work in your favour, such as that found on an overcast day, first thing in the morning, or as the sun is close to setting.

When the sun is blazing and you want to take an outdoor portrait, try to avoid having it shine directly behind your subject’s face. Instead, positioning them so that the sun’s at a 45-degree angle to them reduces lens glare and shadowing. If you’re struggling to combat bright sun, go against the grain and place the sun behind them while using a fill in flash from the front. When the sky isn’t completely cloudless, biding your time and waiting for one to move overhead is a useful tactic.

Maximising Your Landscape Photography Lighting

If you’re shooting a low-lighting scene, timing is key. Use online tools to find out when the sun is due to set and take your best photos approximately half an hour before. This is a great technique for bringing out nature’s most enigmatic colours, such as deep reds, greens and blues.

To make the most of limited lighting, grab a tripod and use slow shutter shots. Tripods minimise the risk of your DSLR producing blurs, while the slow shutter techniques reduce noise. When there’s no tripod around and you’re still keen to capture the magic, be creative with your props. Look for a solid and steady ledge that’ll work in your favour.

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As time goes on, you can perfect your technique. If you’re taking photos at night and your camera isn’t one of the newer models, use its noise reduction filters or invest in noise reduction software.

The Perfect Camera

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